Thursday, September 14, 2017



Collaboration:  the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.   
Let’s break it down:  
  • 2 or more people → team
  • Working together → process
  • Towards shared goals →  purpose

When we think of the epitomy of  collaboration, thoughts often lead to the  Apollo 13.  The Apollo 13 crew trusted each other and worked interdependently for one common goal.   If one person would’ve failed in their role the results would have likely been catastrophic.  

Collaboration is a critical skill for success in all realms of life. We'd like to kick off this year by telling you about a few things that LearnBPS Blog and Twitter will be doing NEW this year to hopefully increase teamwork and collaboration across the district.  

One, we will be blogging and tweeting every week this year!  Please tweet to share your expertise, highlight your successes so we can learn from each other.  Two, will also be taking more a building/local approach to the blog, with LMS’s coordinating stories from each of their respective buildings.  You are all doing great things for students in your schools!  Share them with your LMS and offer to collaborate for the blog.   Get Collaboratin’ and join in on Twitter Tuesday's @ 8:30!   #learnbps

Daphne Heid & Misti Werle