Thursday, October 15, 2015

Technology Pit Crew - Ready...Set...GO!

Were you in a hurry to set up your classroom for the year and need your computers or cables organized? Do you have a technology question that you have been meaning to ask but did not have the time contact our help desk? Is your projector, interactive board or classroom audio system making weird noises? Is your classroom technology just not running like it used too? WE CAN HELP!

New this year, we have formed a “technology pit crew” team. That’s right, many of our experts will visit one of your buildings every Tuesday and Thursday! We will complete a multi-point classroom pit stop to ensure that your classroom is operating like a well-oiled machine!

This event will give technology staff members a unique opportunity to discuss technology equipment and practices while providing a service to the building. The Tech Pit Crew will cover a multi-point inspection that will allow pit crew teams to make immediate classroom tune-ups and fixes. The technology department will have a variety of technology support members on site.

Many classrooms have already seen results!

"Thank you for sending your tech. team down to Moses yesterday. They were amazing. I learned a great deal."

“Just to let everyone know, Nicole and I had the tech team in our room and it was awesome!  There were so many little things that we had put on the back burner in terms of technology and they came in and helped resolve so many issues!”

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the wonderful members of the tech crew that came to our school yesterday to provide their expertise and assistance. It was a generous act on your part because it is so hard for myself and my colleagues to find the time to leave school and go get tech help, so by having YOU come to US during OUR schedule was so fantastic. I had technology problems solved that I didn’t even know I had (!). This is one of the most helpful services that has ever been provided by our district! I have renewed respect for our “tech pit crew.”

“Technology Pit Crew” Classroom Multi-Point checklist! We want to keep your classrooms running smooth!

Let your building tech, library media specialist or principal know that you would like the “pit crew” to visit your classroom today!

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