Friday, April 17, 2020

Self-Care during eLearning

Take Care of Behavioral Health
I'm blaming it on Covid brain mush, but I was struggling with fresh ideas for the blog this time.   After visiting with Melissa Korslien and Danielle Weisz, they reminded me of the valuable resources that BPS has sent out on self-care.  I'll be honest, I missed these helpful documents when they were first sent out but we are thinking that they are worthy of revisiting.

Renee Walker sent this out earlier...

TO: BPS Staff

The Importance of Self Care

The past few weeks have provided us many opportunities for new learning. While some of the new learning has been exciting, it can feel overwhelming. As we adapt to these changes and juggle work and home life, self-care has become even more important. When we are taking care of our own well-being, we are healthy for those we care about the most.

Self-Care Strategies:
Brochure on Wellness Resources 

  • Ø  Set boundaries: Setting boundaries with people and actions helps to limit feeling overwhelmed.
  • Ø  Limit access to the news: Focusing on the positive is a helpful coping strategy.
  • Ø  Make time for yourself: Even 5-10 minutes a day can make a difference!
  • Ø  Let go of the guilt: It’s ok if things are not perfect. Go slow to go far.
  • Ø  Develop a routine: Change can be difficult. Routines bring structure and feelings of safety.

This serves as a good reminder for all of us and our families.

Twitter Tuesday Questions:
  1. Why is self-care important for educators?   (9:00)
  2. What is one way you are maintaining self-care during this time?   (9:06)
  3. What is one way you are challenging yourself during this time, professionally or personally?    (9:12)
  4. How can we encourage self-care with our students and co-workers as well?    (9:18)
  5. Long-term, what self-care practices can we continue with ourselves and encourage with our students and co-workers?    (9:24)

Friday, April 03, 2020

BPS eLearning Kickoff Reflections

We are a week into BPS's transition to online learning!    Let's chat about how it's going.

Q1:  What's working so far?  What's going better than expected? What can you do now that you couldn't do a few weeks ago?    (first question will post at 9:00)

Q2:  What's still a definite 'work in progress'?   (9:06)

Q3:  In what ways are you seeing that this experience will make us better educators in the long run?   (9:12)

Q4:  Share any resource(s) (tutorials, Facebook groups, other Twitter chats, blogs, lists, websites in general, etc.) that have been helpful to you during this time.  (9:18)

Q5:  Share any words of wisdom or encouragement.... or appropriate memes or gifs :).  (9:24)

Take care and we got this!