Friday, April 03, 2020

BPS eLearning Kickoff Reflections

We are a week into BPS's transition to online learning!    Let's chat about how it's going.

Q1:  What's working so far?  What's going better than expected? What can you do now that you couldn't do a few weeks ago?    (first question will post at 9:00)

Q2:  What's still a definite 'work in progress'?   (9:06)

Q3:  In what ways are you seeing that this experience will make us better educators in the long run?   (9:12)

Q4:  Share any resource(s) (tutorials, Facebook groups, other Twitter chats, blogs, lists, websites in general, etc.) that have been helpful to you during this time.  (9:18)

Q5:  Share any words of wisdom or encouragement.... or appropriate memes or gifs :).  (9:24)

Take care and we got this!

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