Sunday, March 22, 2020

Transitioning to Online Education

We are in new times and are likely overwhelmed with information, so I am keeping this post as brief as possible.  We changed the Twitter Tues topic for this week to respond to 'just-in-time' needs.  We will get back to our 'normally' scheduled educational topics for the future dates starting again on Tuesday, April 7th.

Q1:  What's your name & area of teaching?   (first question will post at 9:00)

Q2:  What's your biggest concern moving forward in this online environment?  (9:05)

Q3:  How can we best keep our student's needs at the center of the learning?    (9:10)

Q4:  Share any resources (personal or educational) that have been helpful to you during this time.  (9:15)

Q5:  What areas of expertise do you have that you'd possibly be willing to help others with? (9:20)

Q6:  What else is on your mind?  How else can we help each other? etc. (9:25)

Take care and we got this!

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