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BPS German

A.  Bismarck Public Schools German Club students were out in the community working with senior citizens in Bismarck, helping make theirs a happier 
Valentine´s Day!  

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Mary Ann Crow, BPS German Club Advisor

Former student Brendan returned from an overseas tour in Iraq to join us!

 Brendan visits about his exploits in Iraq with a fellow veteran.

German Club Members Chandler and Seth (standing on the left), serve rootbeer floats to the senior citizens at their table.

 B.  German I students were tasked with writing a weather report to present to their classmates using vocabulary learned for our Weather Unit.  LHS students Owen and Keaton utilized weVideo to create a great presentation for their class. Maybe they'll be future newscasters? 
Wetter Report

C.    Facebook 
German Consulate General of Chicago to feature Bismarck High School German Club Facebook page and Bismarck Public Schools German classes!

In our district, the focus is on Project-Based Learning – we use the vocabulary that we are learning for a topic, students write their own skits with assistance from teacher when they need it, they work in pairs or small groups. 
 Nurse Bri (left) checks vitals on Patient Bre.

Health Unit Doctor/Patient Skit
Here are two German II students at work using the vocabulary for their Health Unit.  They write their own skit using their own ideas, but rather than translate, they write exclusively in German.  The vocabulary is brought to them through video story and through  We play games with the words, view and hear flashcards and then brainstorm ideas.  Any words not on our 100 word list were found on to supplement.  Simple sentence writing is encouraged and knowledge of the vocabulary is expected because the goal is to be able to speak and be understood by classmates.  Grammar is discussed while writing occurs.  Students use the teacher for guidance only.    Students enjoy being allowed to be creative and therefore choose to do great work. Students listening to the skit remain actively involved because they are listening for comprehension and are allowed to make notes while listening so they can answer questions raised after the skit is performed. Google Translator is a non-issue because only if students comprehend the skit (with studied vocabulary) do the performers receive a passing grade. Discussion ensues in German as much as possible.  Students are allowed to speak with grammatical errors in their speech, which improves over time.  There is a ‘no fear of mistakes’ policy.  The language comes alive in the classroom in this way.   It is learning by doing, just as they learned English as small children.

Twenty-four German Club students from across the district held an Oktoberfest at Marillac Manor in Bismarck, North Dakota in October 2016.  The people in our area settled here from Germany and many are “Germans from Russia”.  A large percentage of senior citizens in our area grew up speaking only German at home and absolutely love to speak German with today’s

German Club Art Director Kevin dances with a senior citizen at Marillac Manor.

young people.  The dialect is different, but many of my students were raised hearing their parents and grandparents speak it, so there is a real community of German speakers with shared culture in our locale.  Some senior citizens forget their English and one of my students, who studied four years of high school German at Bismarck High School, now works as a certified nursing assistant in a nursing home in Bismarck, is sometimes called in to help soothe dementia patients with stories, songs and jokes in their language. 

Activites Director Kelly (center, in pink top) invites Dakota (to her right) to get cookies and decorating supplies for the senior citizens sitting at his table.

Our German Club returned Sunday, Feb. 9th to Marillac Manor to spend more time with senior citizens; decorating Valentine’s Day cookies with German sayings like “Ich liebe dich” and the like, creating Valentine’s Day cards with sayings such as “Du bist der Zucker in meinem Kaffee”  (You are the sugar in my coffee), etc. and playing trivia with them.  It was a fun-filled afternoon for all of us.

German Students from Bismarck Public Schools at the "Waldsee" 

Several times in the past, German Club has attended Concordia Language Villages near Bemidji, MN.  An entire weekend is spent entirely surrounded by the German language, culture, food, activities, music, movies, etc.  The camp counselors are German-speaking students who attend Concordia College.  Summer courses are available for high school credit. Concordia Language Villages

Germany, June 2015

Outside of school during the summer, overseas travel can make the world a learning environment.  Here is a picture I snapped near the Rhine River in June 2015.  

Our next tour takes place June 7-20, 2017!

Mary Ann Crow, BPS German Club Advisor and BHS/LHS German Teacher
Claudia Schoellkopf, CHS/WMS German Teacher
Pamela Froelich, HMS Intro to German Teacher

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