Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Future is Here!

What have you changed to make room for it?

by Tanna Kincaid, BPS Technology Director

There has been a lot of talk about the future.  Skills for the future, jobs of the future, technologies of the future. The “future” has been contemplated by generation after generation.  As I reflect on conversations in our community today, particularly the concept of disruptive technology,  I am hopeful. There really is no sense in fighting the “future.”  I like believing that it is inevitable; sure beats the alternative of no future.  Investing now to prepare and embrace the future seems logical.  This is one of the key roles of education.  Embracing and endeavoring to prepare students for their futures.   We wish for our students to be prepared so they are successful and have choices. Several key concepts sit at the core of preparing students to navigate rapidly changing environments with continuous  technological advancements.  

My favorite five are:

Future Ready Concept #1:  Information is NOT scarce so don’t waste time treating it as such.  More important is the ability to critically gather, evaluate, synthesize, and organize information for a purpose or to solve a problem.

Future Ready Concept #2:  The difference between learning and learning HOW to learn is passion and interest.  When students have “agency” they are invested.

Future Ready Concept #3: Challenges in life are complicated and messy.  Solving them requires making connections across content areas, working collaboratively, and creating and testing solutions.

Future Ready Concept #4:  True creative thinking is steeped with critical thinking.  Often times creative thinking and problem solving require building on an initial thought.  Time for thinking, getting feedback, and rethinking help build creative thinkers.

Future Ready Concept #5:  It is NOT about the technology.  The future is about thinking, creating, collaborating, and truly engaging as an enthusiastic learner… the technology is a given.  Don’t ignore it, don’t ban it, but don’t rely on it to be the solution.

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Twitter Questions:
Q1: What are some of the future ready skills you view as most critical?
Q2: What “past ready” skill do we spend time on that could be limited to allow more time to develop a future ready skill?
Q3: What have you observed Ss doing that made you think… WOW! Skills for the future?
Q4: How can technology “disrupt” education in a way that accelerates student learning and preparedness?

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